Among us Roller Ball APK


Among us Roller Ball APK

Version: 1.0.1 code 2

Developer: aiwan

Released: 2021-11-24

Updated: 2021-11-26

Among us Roller Ball APK Among us Roller Ball APK Among us Roller Ball APK Among us Roller Ball APK Among us Roller Ball APK Among us Roller Ball APK Among us Roller Ball APK Among us Roller Ball APK Among us Roller Ball APK Among us Roller Ball APK Among us Roller Ball APK Among us Roller Ball APK Among us Roller Ball APK Among us Roller Ball APK Among us Roller Ball APK

The description about Among us Roller Ball APK

Among us Roller Ball is Brand-new 3D mode of play, ball and ball battle competitive io game. Players can control these cute animal ball images to split and eat the opponent's ball to make themselves bigger and improve their ranking in the leaderboard. The game has many different modes for players to choose from. The balls are very smart, he will not be easily eaten by you.

Main plot
In the ball world, each character will be transformed into a unique ball. The big ball eats the small ball. Survival is the only goal. Becoming a ball giant is the dream of every ball!

How to play
1. Try to keep eating fruits to make yourself stronger, and then you can eat balls that are smaller than you.
2. Within the specified time, discuss the size of the ball (ie weight) to win the ranking and gold coins, and then you can buy likes
Characters and decorations.

Game mode
With 4 different game modes for players to choose
Classic mode
Can you become the biggest ball? Life is unlimited. Stay away from intense battles to hone your skills or complete missions. Become a master who uses your skills and tactics proficiently.
Dragon Egg War
In this mode, dragon eggs will be spawned at random locations in the scene. The player who gets the most dragon eggs will win the final victory. Injury and destroy the enemy balls, but you can collect dragon eggs faster and win this epic battle.
Battle royale
The last survivor will win. Your mission is to be the only survivor when the world collapses. Be sure to stay in the safe area of ??the arena! careful! Once you die, everything is over! ! !
Diamond Treasure
Compete with other players and collect the most diamonds. The game will end in 2 minutes. This is the best way to win the rare diamond resources in the game
system
The game has a seven-day sign-in system, and you can get gold coins and diamond rewards after logging into the game for the first time every day. Additional skin rewards can be obtained on the second and seventh days.
Achievement system
Players can receive rewards after completing the corresponding achievements. Each achievement is divided into several levels. The higher the achievement level, the greater the reward.
Mission system
The mission system is refreshed daily, and 4 missions are refreshed randomly every day. The task is refreshed at 0 o'clock every day, and the corresponding reward can be obtained after completion.
Turntable system
Click the turntable button on the main interface to open the turntable interface, and players can watch advertisements for lottery draws. After every 5 minutes, players can draw a lottery for free.

Main feature
The game uses 3D graphics. Players enter the world of the ball from the \"God's perspective\". Players can enter the fascinating *classic arcade mode* and eat as many fruits as possible in the dizzying 3D world. . Become the largest group of balls and don't let other players eat you!

Strategy Sharing
Use various props to help you grow quickly.
Use the gold coins and diamonds obtained in the game to upgrade and unlock new characters, including various unique animal balls and decorations.
Skillfully use splitting skills and transform into groups to quickly devour food and grow rapidly.

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