Bali Ghost Battle APK


Bali Ghost Battle APK

Version: 1.0.51 code 51

Developer: AdApp Technologies ApS

Released: 2017-04-22

Updated: 2022-07-20

Bali Ghost Battle APK Bali Ghost Battle APK Bali Ghost Battle APK Bali Ghost Battle APK Bali Ghost Battle APK Bali Ghost Battle APK Bali Ghost Battle APK Bali Ghost Battle APK Bali Ghost Battle APK Bali Ghost Battle APK Bali Ghost Battle APK Bali Ghost Battle APK Bali Ghost Battle APK Bali Ghost Battle APK Bali Ghost Battle APK

The description of Bali Ghost Battle APK

The Islands of God is now under attack of furious Bali Ghost Zombie Pocong. Due to a mistake in science laboratory, some known Bali Ghost Pocong have come alive and were seen everywhere by people on the island. The Ghost have become heartless and furious that they could no longer separate good from wrong nor been able to see humanity in the world any more.

The Ghost have now become more and more fierce and all they can think of is eating food for their survival. Various ghosts become pocong, zombie etc , but their goal is only one: FOOD. They will not hesitate to invade and kill any living being that comes between them and their hunger of food, hence their goal of eating as much plant food as possible.

As the Ghosts evolve, their raid action becomes smarter and smarter. From the land invasion, to even battle strike from the sky, the Ghost have united to reach their common food fighting goal. Some of them even own speedy attack skill that no human being have ever seen.

Great war strategy is desperately needed to save Bali, the islands of God. The island that used to be peaceful and live in harmony now only has limited amount of food storage that they have to protect for the survival of human being as well as those other living being that beautifully created by the God itself.

Fortunately, some grow plants have been called alive by the power of God to assist in this battlefield and warn off the Ghost invasion. Plant with missile can fire off missile as far as possible to keep the Ghost from invading far far away. Others can create explosion to kill the endless invading zombie ghost.

Collect the coins to power up the plant and make it more powerful to fight off all the forceful attack and protect all your food storage. Grow your strategy skill and become smarter than your fighting ghost zombie. Plan your strategy accordingly to win the battle of the land as well as the sky where Bali Ghost Zombie try to invade and win over the food you have.

Power up your plant and plan your troop strategy accordingly. As time is crucial in this addicting game, you have to strategize whether to be in protective mode or aggressive attack mode. Only well balance strategy plan is able to win and fight off the war invasion of these furious Bali Ghost Zombie Pocong.

Shoot, defend, attack, conquer and be the final powerful winner of this food battle and protect your God township and make it beautiful once again. Protect it with your life and have the biggest fun entertainment in your life right away by downloading Bali Ghost Battle for FREE now

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