CVI Toddler Vision Eye Train APK


CVI Toddler Vision Eye Train APK

Version: 228 code 228

Developer: Baby eye exercises

Released: 2021-09-10

Updated: 2022-08-02

CVI Toddler Vision Eye Train APK CVI Toddler Vision Eye Train APK CVI Toddler Vision Eye Train APK CVI Toddler Vision Eye Train APK

The description of CVI Toddler Vision Eye Train APK

English translation 50% complete.

Therapeutic tool for Therapists working with toddlers who has visual impairments \ CVI \ Albinism, to practice their visual skills: focusing, scanning, identifying, deciphering, hand-eye coordination, grapho-motor skills and spatial concepts. The tool is aimed primarily at the critical age of development of the visual system, 0-3 years. operated in a dedicated darkened room by a therapist who has received training.

⚫ Computer edition:

⚫ Perpetual sense of success
Toddlers with visual impairments need a supportive and understanding relationship with an adult, in order to mediate for them the external environment. They need a sense of self-worth and success, they need the adult not to expect them to succeed, and to give them a sense of success even if they have not been able to perform any activity during the treatment.

⚫ Focusing mainly on Exploration and joy
The main stimulus for exploration and development in the toddler's world is the enjoyment that comes primarily from play. For an activity to produce a sense of pleasure it must be close to the pace and desires of the child. If an activity does not please the child, it will not contribute to him and it is recommended to stop it. Use that leads to frustration of any kind, will cause the child a lack of current and future cooperation.

⚫ Natural learning is free learning
Toddlers' natural exploration game is not always structured and is not always associated with a particular framework or purpose, sometimes toddlers will want to play the game in a way that is not the way to play the game. There is no right way to play, you should let toddlers experiment and play the game their way. Success in the game is not the goal, but the participation, and the participation occurs by itself. For example, entering the treatment room is a form of participation, looking at a computer screen is participation. Pressing buttons aimlessly is also a kind of active participation. The purpose of the game is fun and joy, the rest of the skills come with the experience, as accompanying the joy of exploration.

⚫ Independent right to play
Toddlers are entitled to employment at any time, play and exploration. It is not recommended to condition a computer game as a "reward" for a particular behavior or as a stimulus or condition for activities that the child does not like like wearing a bandage over the eye. Playing time should be fixed and not dependent on anything.

⚫ Recommended Physical Setting
Work sitting on a suitable toddler chair, in front of a computer with a matte touch screen. If there is no touch screen, the toddler touches the screen, the adult simuntansly clicks with the mouse on the appropriate position.

⚫ Preliminary preparations
There are over 300 accessible illustrations, with thick contours and strong colors. Toddlers are not able to learn with so many illustrations.
The amount of illustrations is limited by clicking on the "illustrations" tab on the left side of the screen.
The selected illustrations will appear on the right side and will have a blue background.
You can select illustrations by clicking on them or by scrolling the yellow scroll bar.
work with about 5 illustrations.

⚫ Proper selection of games & settings
40+ games at different levels, it is important to choose for each child games that suit him. within each game there are settings buttons, the appropriate settings must be selected for each child.
A game is suitable for a child when he reaches 100% percent success completely independently, if the child is ready and interested in a challenge it is possible to change the games & settings so that the success rate reaches 80% success, but no less.

⚫ Demarcation of the amount of games and time
It is recommended to pre-select three games that will be used in this treatment and work with them in order and at a suitable and regular period of time.

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