City Smasher APK


City Smasher APK

Version: 1.8 code 1418

Developer: TerranDroid

Released: 2018-03-29

Updated: 2020-05-12

City Smasher APK City Smasher APK City Smasher APK City Smasher APK City Smasher APK City Smasher APK City Smasher APK City Smasher APK City Smasher APK City Smasher APK City Smasher APK City Smasher APK City Smasher APK City Smasher APK City Smasher APK

Description of City Smasher APK

Rampage through the streets and smash the city to pieces with epic monsters in the #1 3D destruction simulator game!

Take control of epic monsters and evolve them to an unstoppable army. Punch down buildings, smack down skyscrapers, crush houses to bits and smash everything that stand in your way! Escape the police, the SWAT, the military jeeps and the tanks! Show no mercy!

Game Features:
- All monsters have their own behavior. Find your favorite!
- Random generated environment with target secret locations to destroy
- Great 3D visuals and authentic game sounds

Additional information

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20.739.404 bytes
Android 4.0+
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Content rating
Rated for 16+

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