CometOTP - 2FA Authenticator APK


CometOTP - 2FA Authenticator APK

Version: code 38

Developer: Gigabyte Developers Incorporated

Released: 2018-07-24

Updated: 2022-06-23

CometOTP - 2FA Authenticator APK CometOTP - 2FA Authenticator APK CometOTP - 2FA Authenticator APK CometOTP - 2FA Authenticator APK CometOTP - 2FA Authenticator APK CometOTP - 2FA Authenticator APK CometOTP - 2FA Authenticator APK CometOTP - 2FA Authenticator APK

The description of CometOTP - 2FA Authenticator APK

CometOTP allows you to add an extra layer of security for your online accounts with two-factor authentication (2FA). CometOTP currently implements and fully supports the two well-known password authentication algorithms: Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) algorithm and HMAC-based One-time Password (HOTP) algorithm. All you have to do is, follow the procedure for setting up 2FA on your online account, use CometOTP to scan or import the QR code and log into your online account with the 6-digit code generated by CometOTP as an extra layer to protect your online account.

Please Note:
This app only offers support for app-based two-factor authentication and and does not work for SMS-based two-factor authentication.

Required Permissions:
CometOTP requires only minimal permissions like:
➤ Camera access for QR code scanning
➤ Storage access for import and export of the database and account backups

【Organize】– Sort, organize and group accounts with categories or tags, re-order frequently used accounts to the top, sort accounts alphabetically.
【Secure】– The app utilizes both 256-bit AES and RSA encryption for securing the generated codes with a PIN lock alongside for an additional security for codes generated on the app.
【Fingerprint support】– CometOTP supports the use of device credentials for authentication whenever the app is opened. This includes authentication through fingerprint, this feature is only supported in Android Marshmallow devices with a compatible fingerprint hardware
【Personalization】– Switch between light, dark, OLED and AMOLED black screen themes for a cooler look and feel that best suits you.
【Backups】– CometOTP utilizes 3 different accounts backup techniques which are the Plain-text backup, Standard RSA Encrypted backup and OpenPGP backup. The generated backed-up file for each and everyone of this backup technique are encoded and stored as an encrypted data file using either the Android KeyStore or a Password or PIN database encryption method. We recommend the use of a Password or PIN database encryption.
【Thumbnails】– CometOTP integrates with as many platforms that support 2FA. A vector thumbnail of supported web platforms is shown alongside its generated 6-digit OTP code for easier account identification.
【Import from Google Authenticator】– Easily migrate to CometOTP by importing your accounts from Google Authenticator, directly into CometOTP. This feature is only supported on rooted devices.
【Unlimited account support】– You can add and manage unlimited 2FA accounts in the app. We support the majority of the multi-factor authentication accounts like Google, Facebook, GitHub, GitLab, Amazon, Dropbox, Microsoft, Fortnite, SalesForce among others, with new providers being added regularly. Any site offering two-step authentication via Google Authenticator works flawlessly with our app.

Thumbnails Disclaimer:
★ All account thumbnails are trademarks of their respective owners.
★ The use of these trademarks does not in any way, indicate endorsement of the trademark’s holder by CometOTP nor vice versa.
★ All thumbnails are and should only be used to represent the company, product or brand to which they refer.
★ Please, for no reason whatsoever should you use these thumbnails for any other purpose, except to represent that particular brand on CometOTP.

For your convenience, you can either scan or import QR Code or enter your online account secret key manually while setting up 2FA with CometOTP.

Some service not working for you? Click on the Talk with the Developers button in the app about page to contact our support!
For any other questions or suggestions, reach us at [email protected]

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