Deck Box Dungeons APK


Deck Box Dungeons APK

Version: 1.3.6 code 1003006

Developer: Ariah Studios LLC

Released: 2019-04-10

Updated: 2021-12-28

Deck Box Dungeons APK Deck Box Dungeons APK Deck Box Dungeons APK Deck Box Dungeons APK Deck Box Dungeons APK Deck Box Dungeons APK Deck Box Dungeons APK Deck Box Dungeons APK Deck Box Dungeons APK Deck Box Dungeons APK Deck Box Dungeons APK Deck Box Dungeons APK Deck Box Dungeons APK Deck Box Dungeons APK Deck Box Dungeons APK

The description about Deck Box Dungeons APK

*** This is a companion app for a board game. Please note that the physical game is required to play the game. ***

Deck Box Dungeons is a fantasy themed dungeon crawler with a companion app that fits in a deck box.

Each player builds their adventurer by selecting a character card, equipment card, and special abilities card. Builds can range from a standard stealthy rogue with daggers, to a mage that wields a greatsword. Players must work together to slay monsters, complete encounters, and achieve the goal of their quest. Each quest has a different goal, from escorting a priest to complete a ritual to killing a giant troll that has been terrorizing a nearby town.

This companion app handles the quests and encounters allowing for quick setup times and streamlined gameplay. Random encounters and quest generation provides variety and replayability even when playing the same adventures.

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