DuoCalculator APK


DuoCalculator APK

Version: 3.6g code 20

Developer: Tramontána

Released: 2019-07-02

Updated: 2022-08-04

DuoCalculator APK DuoCalculator APK DuoCalculator APK DuoCalculator APK DuoCalculator APK DuoCalculator APK DuoCalculator APK DuoCalculator APK DuoCalculator APK DuoCalculator APK DuoCalculator APK DuoCalculator APK

The description of DuoCalculator APK

The ultimate calculator: rotate your phone between a basic and a very capable scientific one (but you can lock it down to one, if you prefer):

In portrait mode, you have a basic calculator with:
- basic mathematical operations
- 00 and double-sized plus buttons
- normal and financial (two decimal digits) display
- percent, reciprocal, square and square root
- memory add, subtract, read, write, clear
- value added tax calculation
- currency conversion
- paper-like, scrollable multi-line display.

When you are in landscape mode, the calculator becomes a full-fledged scientific calculator with:
- seven modes: normal (decimal and fraction), engineering, scientific, fixed point, complex, programmer's, statistics
- true 128-bit decimal floating point calculations without rounding errors (retaining significant trailing zeroes)
- precision up to 32 decimal places, number range: 1e-6143 to 1e+6144 (as per the IEEE 754 standard)
- basic and advanced operations (modulo, power, root, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, hyperbolic)
- standard mathematical operation precedence
- trigonometric functions: arguments in radians, degrees and gradians, angle conversion
- random numbers
- infinitely nested parentheses
- advanced data entry: decimals, fractions, scientific, engineering (SI) prefixes (atto to zetta)
- sexagesimal calculation with degrees, minutes and seconds
- rectangular and polar co-ordinates
- memory functions
- complex numbers, absolute values and arguments, complex support for all exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions
- programmer's mode: binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal with logical and shift operations
- statistical mode: mean values, standard and popular deviations, various x and y summa values, permutations, combinations, GCD, LCM, prime testing, factorization

If you have a crash, please, send a report to the support address. This is the only way to fix it for you and for others. :-)

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