Farm-Trace APK


Farm-Trace APK

Version: 2.0.2 code 340

Developer: Farm-Trace Technologies

Released: 2021-03-05

Updated: 2022-01-14

Farm-Trace APK Farm-Trace APK

The description about Farm-Trace APK

Farm-Trace is a powerful tool that allows you to better manage your farmers, assess the sustainable impacts of your program and provides a traceability solution for your buyers.

Farmer Management

Allow your field staff to map every farm using only their phone. Create records of all your farmers, their harvests, loans, payments, purchases and farm observations. Use the mapping function to monitor individual farms and forecast yield. You can even tack your field staff’s performance by seeing who visits which farmers, how often and when.

Farm-Trace automatically calculates and manages farmer payments and loans, interest and repayments. You can even trigger different interest rates and payments based on the environmental performance of individual farms for green micro-finance or payment for environmental services projects.

Use the web platform to create lists and reports needed to comply with buyer requirements or certifications such as Fairtrade, organic and Rainforest Alliance.

Visualize your entire program through an interactive map and see how many farms and farmers you manage.

Farm-Trace also allows you to compare the performance of every farmer, farm and field staff compared to the average over different time periods. This benchmarking is a powerful tool to improve performance by targeting the areas and people that need the most support.

Sustainable Impact Assessed by FARM-TRACE

The field data you collect is combined with continuous satellite imagery feeds and other global environmental databases to automatically calculate the following indicators for each farm:

• Deforestation and reforestation rates important for zero-deforestation supply chains and reforestation programs;

• Canopy cover or the amount of shade on each farm important for shade grown crops like coffee or managing light and shade balance;

• Carbon sequestered in plant biomass important for carbon footprints, carbon offsetting or carbon insetting projects.

• Terroir indicators such as the elevation and mean annual precipitation of each farm important for various quality assessments or differentiated management approaches. For example, coffee grown at higher elevation can fetch a higher price.

• Shades of green using the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) to detect monthly changes in vegetation health at 15 m resolution for each farm allowing you to know exactly which parts of which farms need the most help.

• Yield forecasts for each farm and each crop allowing you to plan your sales cycle while working to improve productivity of individual farms.


Farm-Trace creates digital certificates that inextricably link and trace the sustainable impacts associated with each harvest. These certificates can then be transferred to your buyers along with their purchase. These certificates are fully traceable meaning that your buyers can meet their farmers and see and the sustainability impacts of their purchase.

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