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The description of Microphone Amplifier

Microphone Amplifier uses phone mic, headset mic or Bluetooth mic as sound amplifier for louder hearing from any distance. Microphone Amplifier solves your hearing problems (hearing aid for hearing impaired people) and lets you hear from a distance or hear from far away. Microphone Amplifier uses phone microphone, headset mic, or Bluetooth microphone to pick up and amplify the sounds around you for louder and clearer hearing, even if the audio source is far away.

Microphone Amplifier can be used as hearing aids by hearing-impaired people who have difficulty hearing conversations when other people are talking. Microphone Amplifier makes voices louder and reduces unwanted background noise to assist you hear conversations and external sounds from your surroundings even from long distance.

Hearing-impaired people who cannot afford medical hearing aids can use Microphone Amplifier to hear conversations or speech. When you have hearing loss, asking others to speak louder or increase the TV volume is not a helpful solution because every person hears differently. Microphone Amplifier makes it possible to use your phone as hearing aids with Bluetooth headset microphone.

Use Microphone Amplifier as remote microphone. Connect Bluetooth headphones, tap the Play button and place your phone near TV. You will hear the audio in your headphones at louder volume while the volume remains the same for others.

Use Microphone Amplifier with Bluetooth headphones to hear from a distance if the audio source is far away from you. To avoid holding your phone every time, you can listen with Bluetooth earphones or earbuds and use the Bluetooth headset mic.

Microphone Amplifier uses Android’s powerful audio features to boost your hearing: microphone (detects and captures the sound), sound amplifier or audio booster (makes the sound louder and stronger depending on the current boost level), and listening device (the earphones, headphones or Bluetooth headset speaker that sends the sound into your ear so that you can hear it).

You can select your preferred microphone:
Device Microphone (The mic on your Android smartphone or tablet.)
Headset Microphone (The mic on your earphones or wired headphones.)
Bluetooth Microphone (The mic on your wireless headset or earbuds.)

1. Hearing aid to solve your hearing problems, such as hearing loss.
2. Hear better during conversations and meetings.
3. Hear your surroundings from afar. Know what’s happening around you to detect danger.
4. Hear TV louder while the volume remains the same for others.
5. Use your phone as a hearing aid if you cannot afford expensive prescription hearing aids.
6. A temporary hearing aid to replace your lost medical hearing aids.
7. Listen and record lectures (at the same time) from back of the class.
8. Record sounds from your surroundings.
9. No need to ask people to repeat what they said anymore.

NOTE: To avoid distorted and unclear sound, you need to use earphones or Bluetooth headset. Speakerphone produces awful static sound.

Whether you want to hear your environment, hear TV and conversations better (non-medical hearing aid), or just listen to birdsong from indoors, Microphone Amplifier amplifies and streams the audio from the mic to your Bluetooth headset (mic-to-headphone) for remote super hearing.

Microphone Amplifier app boosts sound coming through your phone's microphone straight to your earphones (direct mic-to-headphones audio routing). Use the sound recorder to record while you’re listening.

"Hearing impaired" describes people with any degree of hearing loss, from mild to profound, including those who are deaf and those who are hard of hearing. Hearing impairment or hearing loss refers to the total or partial inability to hear sounds.

A “hearing aid” is a device which people with hearing difficulties wear in their ear to enable them to hear better. A partially deaf person wears a hearing aid as a listening device to amplify sounds for better hearing.
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