Heat Transfer APK


Heat Transfer APK

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Released: 2015-04-04

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Heat Transfer APK Heat Transfer APK Heat Transfer APK Heat Transfer APK Heat Transfer APK Heat Transfer APK

Description of Heat Transfer APK

From this App you can learn:

Understand the concept of conduction by examining and investigating the conduction of heat that occurs in multiple aspects of daily life.
Explore heat conduction and thermal conductivity based on their applications.
Discuss and explore convection process in all fluids by relating to daily life scenarios.
Examine and explore the process of radiation and relate its properties to everyday life.
Explore the emission, absorption and reflection of the radiant energy and investigate their daily life applications.
Discuss and explore the principle of heat exchange and its real life applications.

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This topic covers under Chemistry subject as a part of the Thermal Physics topic
and this topic contains following sub topics
Emission of radiant energy
Heat transfer experiences
Principle of heat exchange

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