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Heat and Temperature APK

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Released: 2015-04-04

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Heat and Temperature APK Heat and Temperature APK Heat and Temperature APK Heat and Temperature APK Heat and Temperature APK Heat and Temperature APK

Description of Heat and Temperature APK

From this App you can learn:

Define, discuss and distinguish the terms heat and temperature.
Discuss, explore and examine different types of thermometers and temperature scales used to measure the temperature.
Illustrate Joule's experiment to prove that heat is a form of energy.
Define and explore the concept of specific heat and its relevance to everyday science.
Calculate the amount of heat absorbed by a body and illustrate the significance of molar specific heat to the real world applications.
Analyze and illustrate the experiment of calorimeter and its types, to measure the amount of heat exchange.
Discuss and investigate different types of sources of heat and explore the changes that take place in an object due to heat produced.
Discuss and investigate the working of thermostat used in refrigerators.
Explore the concept of combustion and investigate its requirements.
Analyze the criteria for the combustion of a fuel.
Explore the process behind the survival of the humans by the Intake of food.

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This topic covers under Chemistry subject as a part of the Thermal Physics topic
and this topic contains following sub topics
Heat and Temparature
Heat capacity and Specific heat capacity
Sources of heat

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