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GlassesOn | Pupils & Lenses


GlassesOn | Pupils & Lenses APK

#1 Ranked App for measuring Pupillary Distance. The only medical grade app for PD (Pupillary Distance) measurement and..

Pill Reminder and Med Tracker


Pill Reminder and Med Tracker APK

Pill Reminder - With this app you won't forget to take your medications at the right time. It's easy to use and reliable. It..

Mealime Meal Plans & Recipes


Mealime Meal Plans & Recipes APK

Mealime is a simple way for busy singles, couples, and families to plan their meals and eat healthier. Our meal plans &..

Weight Tracker & BMI Calculator - PerfectBMI


Weight Tracker & BMI Calculator - PerfectBMI APK

Perfect BMI is ideal for anyone who wants to track their weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) to keep in shape on daily..

Pill Reminder & Medicine App - MedControl


Pill Reminder & Medicine App - MedControl APK

We are living in a fast and busy world. 🚀🌎 Therefore, how many times have you missed your medication? 💊 And how..

Medicos ECG :Clinical Guide & Daily EKG/ ECG Cases


Medicos ECG :Clinical Guide & Daily EKG/ ECG Cases APK

Learning ECG/EKG interpretation requires intuition, dedication and a shot to the point.Medicos ECG is one of the unique and..

Eyes recovery workout


Eyes recovery workout APK

Application exercises for the eyes (restoration of vision)Exercises for relaxing eyes and restoring vision.Tired eyes? Take..

Preventicus Heartbeats


Preventicus Heartbeats APK

With the digital medical product Preventicus Heartbeats you can easily check your heart rhythm with a smartphone camera...

Personal Diary, Bullet Journal


Personal Diary, Bullet Journal APK

Do you want to keep a diary of your own thoughts and feelings or finances or brilliant ideas or maybe a story of a trip in..

BMI Calculator


BMI Calculator APK

This is a simple app that lets you calculate your BMI. It will also calculate your Ideal Weight, based on your profile. The..

Body Measurement, Body Fat and Weight Loss Tracker


Body Measurement, Body Fat and Weight Loss Tracker APK

Body Measurement and Weight Loss Tracker allows you to track and chart all of your most important body measurements..

Weight Calendar


Weight Calendar APK

Weight Calendar - BMI & Weight Loss Tracker is a free application and easy to use. Keep those pounds in check the fun way!..

Triangle Calculator


Triangle Calculator APK

Solve triangles by entering two sides and one angle, two angles and one side or three sides to find remaining values as used..

Visual Acuity Test


Visual Acuity Test APK

Free Visual Acuity test that will help you detect problems with your vision, and identify the most common eye issues. Test..

Eyes recovery PRO FREE


Eyes recovery PRO FREE APK

The Eyes recovery PRO * FREE application is an extended version of program. Added more exercises to relax your eyes and view..

Body Measurement Tracker


Body Measurement Tracker APK

Do you measure your body when you are on a diet or after workout? In this case you should to know that take measurements of..

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