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Indies' Lies APK

Version: Varies with device code 412

Developer: Hainan Yoka Network

Released: 2021-08-09

Updated: 2022-07-30

Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK Indies' Lies APK

The description of Indies' Lies APK

Legend has it that the old gods were the source of creation.

Lord God Strockanos, the god of the universe, created the Mekaa continent out of chaos and formlessness. He poured his own blood into this land, underneath its thick crust of rocks. The gods of agriculture, destiny and death are all guardians of Mekaa, and the source of arcane magic. Therefore God´s Blood and arcane magic form the essentials of life in this world.

Over the years, humans have become the "lords of all things" in Mekaa, from the original ancient clan of the Alrayans, the migrating Elruips, to the Normaasts who were "exiled" to the end of the world. Humanity has developed a variety of civilizations among mountains, on plains, or in the form of nomad tribes. Although there were conflicts between civilizations and different religions over time, the belief in the old gods, mainly Strockanos, has remained dominant.

However, the advent of the "new god" Indies introduced to Mekaa a new faith, and a new "era" for the whole continent and human civilization.

Indies' Lies is a single-player game that combines deckbuilding with Roguelike and RPG elements. It features procedurally generated maps, diverse talent/rune/partner mechanics, and hundreds of cards for different classes to ensure a refreshing experience each run. Indies’ Lies also has a thick plot set in a medieval fantasy world, with story adventures for each character.

- Fun for Beginners, Depth for the Experienced
With the hope to introduce the fun of the deckbuilding strategy to more players, we have adjusted and optimized traditional deckbuilding mechanics to create a smoother and more beginner-friendly gameplay. Meanwhile, more experienced players will find gameplay less restrictive yet challenging enough.
- Take 9 Characters with Unique Traits on a Roguelike Journey
Indies’ Lies now has 9 playable characters from 3 classes: Wizards, Rangers and Mechanists, with each character coming with a unique set of cards and talents. It will be a different journey each time on the procedurally generated maps, where you pick different cards, learn different talents, encounter different events and enemies. Explore the possibilities and find your favorite strategy!
- A Partner System to Spice it Up
Indies’ Lies puts you in command of a team of 1 hero and up to 2 partners. There are over 10 partners, all with distinctive cards and strengths. You can match the hero deck with hundreds of partners’ cards to try different tactics. Instead of acting as a mere tank, the partner brings on more room for flexible strategies and team tactics.

- Craft Your Talent Tree
A unique talent tree is procedurally generated for each run, and talents were designed to suit different classes and builds. There are over 200 talents in total, designed to meet the need for deck development at different stages and for different builds.

- Explore a Medieval Fantasy World
Step into Mekaa, a world caught in the clashes of Gods. By collecting clues for each character, you can unlock each story mode and dive into their quests, whether it is chasing a lost love, fighting the Seven Nightmares, or finding the culprit behind Mekaa’s fall into this dark frenzy.

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