Just a Compass (Free & No Ads) APK


Just a Compass (Free & No Ads) APK

Version: 1.9.2 code 192

Developer: PixelProse SARL

Released: 2018-12-29

Updated: 2020-06-30

Just a Compass (Free & No Ads) APK Just a Compass (Free & No Ads) APK

Description of Just a Compass (Free & No Ads) APK

A simple Compass to retrieve useful information about your current position.

• Free and without Ads
• Magnetic & geographic north using magnetic declination
• Sunrise & Sunset time
• True altitude above sea level at your current position
• Use EGM96 as the geoid reference for computing altitude
• Latitude & Longitude in UTM format
• Latitude & Longitude in DD, DMM or DMS format
• Magnetic field strength
• Sensor accuracy
• Address of your current location

EGM96 (Earth Gravitational Model) is used as the geoid reference to compute true altitude above sea level from data collected by the GPS sensor. UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) is a system for assigning coordinates to locations on the surface of the Earth.

Have fun !

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