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Lanquick: Learn English Spanish French German +15 APK

Version: 1.0.42 code 42

Developer: Lanquick

Released: 2020-03-10

Updated: 2020-05-30

Lanquick: Learn English Spanish French German +15 APK Lanquick: Learn English Spanish French German +15 APK Lanquick: Learn English Spanish French German +15 APK Lanquick: Learn English Spanish French German +15 APK Lanquick: Learn English Spanish French German +15 APK

Description of Lanquick: Learn English Spanish French German +15 APK

Learn Fast, Fun and Free Foreign Language

LanQuick brings innovation to language learning. It always changes the language learning process, which is expensive, boring and slow. Learning foreign languages ​​is fast, fun and free with LanQuick. Moreover, with the 17 most widely used language options all over the world.

You no longer have an excuse to learn a foreign language!

With the effective and fun teaching method, you will first learn the words in small pieces, and then these words will turn into sentences and sentences will become dialogs, just as you learned your mother tongue as a child. You will reinforce them with easy and active exercises that have been gamified. With detailed training statistics, you will be able to learn how your training is, how is your performance. Developed by LanQuick language experts and continues to be constantly improved; You have the opportunity to access all content that improves your speaking, writing, reading and listening skills at the same time.

If unlike classical methods; If you want to learn fast, fun and free, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Japanese, Swedish, Greek, Portuguese, Chinese, Danish, Hebrew, Polish and Turkish, LanQuick is the application you are looking for!

★ Fast, Fun, Free
Learning a language is now easy with the LanQuick method.

★ Effective Teaching Method
No learning without learning! Learn first, then reinforce.

★ Education Statistics
How is your education going? All of them are in report and service.

★ Smart Exercises
It's a great way to practice by learning.

★ Speech Studies
LanQuick will make you speak the language you want, and it's advanced.

★ 17 Different Languages
You can learn any of the 17 languages ​​you choose.

If you do not, your membership will be automatically renewed. Memberships can be managed or canceled from the Google Play Store account.
In-App Permissions - We may need to ask for permission to enable some features of the LanQuick application. For example, if you want to improve your speaking skill, we will ask for access to its microphone. You can change the permissions at any time in the settings.

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Learn English for Free
Learn German for Free
Learn French for free
Learn Spanish for free
Learn Italian for Free
Learn Arabic for free
Learn Russian for Free
Learn Dutch for free
Learn Japanese for Free
Learn Swedish for Free
Learn Greek for Free
Learn Portuguese for Free
Learn Chinese for Free
Learn Danish for Free
Learn Hebrew for Free
Learn Polish for Free
Learn Turkish for Free

Learn language fast, fun and free with LanQuick!

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