Lock Screen iOS 10 - iPhone 7 APK


Lock Screen iOS 10 - iPhone 7 APK

Version: 1.9.9 code

Developer: ⛄️ Lock Screen Master

Released: 2016-11-01

Updated: 2017-02-01

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Description of Lock Screen iOS 10 - iPhone 7 APK

Lock Screen iOS 10 – iPhone 7 is a new simple and beautiful app that will let your smartphone lock screen looks great and amazing exactly like an iPhone 7 when you want to unlock it with an amazing 3D Parallax effect.
With our app, we guarantee that we will give you an iOS10 similar lock screen and we will secure your smartphone with a passcode from your choice. You need just to set the theme of background of the lock screen that you want as well as the passcode and we will take care of the rest.

Why choose to download and install “Lock Screen iOS 10 – iPhone 7” on your Android smartphone instead of other iOS10 or iPhone lock screen apps?

• Nice:

✓ Very Easy Interface to use, you can start using our app without watching any tutorial.
✓ Clean and Attractive Design.
✓ You can easily Slide to unlock your phone with exquisite animation exactly like a phone 7 and iOS10
✓ 3D Amazing Parallax screen exactly like the iOS 10.

• Fully customizable:

✓ You can add a lockscreen backtround directly from your gallery, or you can choose one of the Very High Quality background that we picked for you. The choice is yours.
✓ Want to get put some awesome and amazing theme in the lockscreen of your android smartphone? It’s possible, because we have for you many High Definition background that you will love.

• Free:

✓ Our iPhone lock screen app is FREE and it will stay Free for life, so there is No hidden fees, no special memberships and no annual subscription fees to have an iPhone 7 lock screen.

• Fast:

✓ We have designed our app to let you use the iPhone 7 iOS 10 lock screen fastly and without complications, you don't need to care about this because you can set everything in a few seconds.

• Secured:

✓ To ensure the best security for your android smartphone, our developer team made this lock screen app very secured and no one can steal your information once you activate our phone lock app, so don't worry about this!
✓ By choosing a passcode you will have the best security ever! There is no one who will be able to unlock your phone because it's simply impossible with our app!

• Power Saving:

✓ You can find many iPhone 7 lock screen apps on Play store, but we are the only app that offers a support of a Power Saving Mode, so we care about your battery energy and we'll help you to economise it. By enabling the Power Saving mode on our app, we'll automatically stop the app from using your battery power.


① You need first to install this app on your smartphone for free!
② After you complete the installation process, you can easily set up all the configurations you desire from our simply organized settings tab.
③ On this settings tab, you will be able to see many settings that you can set and edit easily and fastly.
The settings of our app are:

- The first option of "Preview Lockscreen" will let you get a preview of the lock screen before you start using it.
- The second option gives you the choice to enable or disable the Lockscreen.
- The third one is to enable or disable the passcode. If you choose to enable it, then you will have to enter a passcode. Do not forget it, because you will not be able to open your smartphone without it.
- The fourth and fifth ones are used to enable lock sound & vibration.
- Then you can choose to use 24-hour format or 12-hour format on the screen.

Now, you can go to the second range of settings, where you will be able to change your Passcode anytime. Remember to set a passcode that is hard to find to get the highest possible security.
Change the theme easily from a large selection of high definition theme or choose a background from your gallery.
The best thing is that you can change the message that you want to see in your lock screen and stop seeing the “ Slide to Unlock “ classic message! You can also choose the On Screen Time Out in seconds.

So, what are you waiting for? Download our app now and enjoy the best free lock screen app ever!

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