Magnetic Sensor APK


Magnetic Sensor APK

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Developer: Mypro

Released: 2021-10-29

Updated: 2022-06-23

Magnetic Sensor APK Magnetic Sensor APK Magnetic Sensor APK Magnetic Sensor APK

The description of Magnetic Sensor APK

Looking for a Magnetic Field Sensor App, EMF Detector, Gauss Meter Magnetometer, or magnetic Compass Sensor App that can be used offline?
So this is the right place.
This magnetic sensor app is a magnetometer sensor that detects the X, y, z values of a magnetic field and electromagnetic radiation readings. It is aimed at students. As an emf analyzer or Gauss meter, you can use it for research or experimentation.

What is a Magnetometer:
In addition to the electromagnetic field EMF, the magnetometer of the mobile phone can also measure the magnetic direction of the mobile phone relative to the X, Y, and Z axis relative to the real world north direction. This is provided by the built-in
Magnetic sensor

What is X, y, z?
Force X: X is the north component of the magnetic field; X is the positive force to the north.
Force Y: the eastern component of the magnetic field; Y is the east.
Force Z: the vertical component of the magnetic field vector; Z is by convention Forward.
EMF intensity value: EMF Detector provides you with the EMF electromagnetic field value of Microtesla.

Its uses:
Magnetic sensor can be used as analog Compass sensor or metal detectors, as well as for location monitoring and anti-theft devices. They can also be used as electromagnetic waves detectors, EMF Detector, magnetometer sensors for Android or Gauss meter. As it can be used as a Qibla compass to find Qibla direction.

The Magnetic Sensor app comes with the following functions:
• EMF meter (analog)
• an accurate magnetic Compass with degrees for obtaining directions
• The magnetometer sensor app is used for research reasons.
• It takes use of a sensor that is already present on your smartphone.
• The Magnetic Field Sensor locates places by using electric current flux.
• Magnetic Field Detector quickly detects magnetic field axis such as X, Y, and Z directions.
• It is a one-button application.
• It identifies the source and strength of the magnetic field.
• The Magnetic Field Sensor detects the position of the power supply.

How to use Magnetic Field Sensor:

Simply open the program and begin working by selecting an option from the menu. It's an easy-to-use app. There are no extremely complicated options. An EMF reader, magnetic field sensor vectors, and other choices such as checking and repairing the Magnetic Field Sensor are located next to the magnetic sensor.
As well as a emf sensor to see whether or not your phone has a magnetic sensor.

EMF Meter:
This feature simply displays the strength of an electromagnetic field EMF, allowing it to be used as a Gauss meter or an emf sensor, presenting electromagnetic wave readings in microTesla µT.

Try to fix option:
This option helps you to fix and repair the Magnetic Field Sensor in your device, it has a chance to work, try it, if it works, the EMF Reader and magnetic sensor will operate properly once more.

Note: EMF Meter will not work on your phone if it does not have a built-in magnetic sensor. And the EMF value will not be shown.

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