Mecha Gear APK


Mecha Gear APK

Version: 1.0.10 code

Developer: WENBIN GU

Released: 2016-03-28

Updated: 2016-07-01

Mecha Gear APK Mecha Gear APK Mecha Gear APK Mecha Gear APK Mecha Gear APK Mecha Gear APK Mecha Gear APK Mecha Gear APK Mecha Gear APK Mecha Gear APK Mecha Gear APK Mecha Gear APK Mecha Gear APK Mecha Gear APK Mecha Gear APK Mecha Gear APK Mecha Gear APK Mecha Gear APK Mecha Gear APK Mecha Gear APK

Description of Mecha Gear APK

◆◆Explore the vast open world, forge the ace mecha squad, and engage with enemies on battlefield!
◆◆Benefits and Rewards: Payment discounts, various Level-up rewards, FREE daily online gift for 30 days, and abundant fun events are waiting for you!
===Media Review===
“The most expected Mecha-theme Mobile Game in 2016”
“Amazing graphic and stunningly detailed combat system will definitely make a difference while comparing with other games”
“An epoch-making change for traditional turn-based battle game, the perfect combination of turn-based battle and strategy game on one screen”
===Game Features===
◆Various Mechas and Pilots---Hundreds of Mechas and Pilots await for your command to defend human civilization from cunning and brutal aliens.
◆Deep Upgrade System---Enhance your mechas and pilots regularly through detailed and thorough upgrades across all levels.
◆Gripping Single-Player Campaign---Battle through hundreds of missions given to you, and uncover the dark truth behind the heat death of universe.
◆Strategic Multiplayer Gameplay. Forge powerful alliances with other elite players, pile up resources by raiding hundreds of enemy bases, and band together for galaxy dominateon.
===Ongoing Events===
◆First payment gets 200% extra diamonds, a purple quality weapon and rich amount of coins!
◆Contact customer service before July 15th, a mysterious newbie gift could be rewarded. Limited gifts like the early birds!
===Contact Us===
Customer Service Email: [email protected]
Wechat Public ID: MechaGear
Official Facebook Website:

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Android 2.3+
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Rated for PEGI 12+

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