Metal Detector APK


Metal Detector APK

Version: 1.16 code 17

Developer: rayyan apps

Released: 2016-12-12

Updated: 2020-06-22

Metal Detector APK Metal Detector APK Metal Detector APK Metal Detector APK Metal Detector APK Metal Detector APK

Description of Metal Detector APK

Best Free Metal Detector App That will Make your Mobile Amazing Metal Detector.

============ Metal Detector Features ============
• Detects metal object signals at a range of upto 30 cm.
• Detect hidden electrical wires and metal objects in walls.
• This can also use as key finder tool.
• Works well on ferromagnetic materials like iron, steel, nickel and cobalt etc.
• Some people also is it as body scanner metal detector for entertainment.
• Another amazing thing is some experts claims metal detector can also be used to detect ghosts, spirits or paranormal activities as these objects have electromagnetic waves. So you can become a ghost hunter with the help of this amazing tool.
• Beep immediately on detection of any Metal object or electromagnetic signal.
• A Top Metal Detector app that gives result in both analog and digital form.
• Live graph of reading is make it more cool and interesting.
User friendly interface so very easy to use.
• If your phone have not electromagnetic sensor this app will inform you.

How it works
• This app uses the built-in magnetic field sensor of your smart phone.
• First of all after running this app if your phone shows high reading then immediately keep it away from everything to set it normal (0μT – 59μT).
• The normal Electromotive force (EMF) field level is about 59μT (micro Tesla) or 590mG (milli gauss); 1μT = 10mG. When any metal object like steel or iron is near, EMF reading will increase with a beef sound.

• Not all phones are equipped in such a sensor. Please check it in your phone specification. If your device does not have one, the application will not work.
• The accuracy depends entirely on your smart phone magnetic sensor (magnetometer).
• Radio waves like computer, laptop, TV and Radio signals can effect magnetic sensor. So avoid such places and keep away when you run this app.
• This app will not work non-ferrous metal like gold, silver and aluminum etc. as they has no magnetic field. This app cannot be used as gold detector.

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