Multi Select File Manager APK


Multi Select File Manager APK

Version: 1.1.1 code

Developer: mPG

Released: 2015-05-05

Updated: 2015-09-15

Multi Select File Manager APK Multi Select File Manager APK Multi Select File Manager APK Multi Select File Manager APK Multi Select File Manager APK Multi Select File Manager APK Multi Select File Manager APK Multi Select File Manager APK

Description of Multi Select File Manager APK

Full featured file manager on Android, fresh UI design and user friendly functions! Explore files on shared folder.
But you will find these features in almost every other file manager in store.
So what we have special for all user is the new feature to select files from multiple folders and perform all the file operations on them simultaneously:)

So If you want to select files from say 5 different folders and move them to a new folder.So now just go to each of the five folders and select the files and after that perform the move operation on them at the same time, to move them to the new folder.
You don't have to select files form each folder and perform the move operation on them separately.:)

Isn't that great, So now you will not have to do the boring redundant work of going to each folder selecting files and then performing the file operation on them separately. :)

We provide a almost all the file operations.And all these file operations can be performed on files selected from multiple folders at the same time. :)

File Operations and features :

* Cut, copy, paste functionality.
* Moving multiple files
* Delete multiple files.Before deleting files you will be shown a list of all the files selected for delection.Where you can still remove files which got mistakenly selected for deletion by just a swipe. :)
* Sharing files from multiple folders.
* Zip and UnZip support.
* Search files recursively in the complete files system below.With all the search results listed and link to directly reach them.
* Hide and un-hide files from multiple folders.
* Sorting of files based on time , size and name.
* Selection - At any time you can see the list of all the files selected from multiple folders in a list view.
* Selected files and can be removed from that list with just a swipe.So before performing any action you can view all the files on which the operation is going to be performed.
* Clear - All the selected files could be just cleared with a click of this option.
* Create - Folders can be created any where in the file system.
* Thumbnail for photo
* Filter - Grid view for filtered results.You can get all the music files through out you device at one place.Similarly all the video files and image files with there thumbnails at one place.
* Select and Deselect all option.
* Option to clear memory and disc cache at any time.
* Option to make hidden files visible.
* Long press on the files will give you options -
* Rename files and folders.
* Get all details about the files and folders.
* UnZip files.

So download the new the most intuitive, usefull and simple to use File Manager(Explorer) on the Android Market - a SMART way to explore your files. :)

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