Musa Remote keyboard APK


Musa Remote keyboard APK

Version: 10 code 10

Developer: Mohit Dawar

Released: 2018-05-26

Updated: 2019-11-02

Musa Remote keyboard APK Musa Remote keyboard APK Musa Remote keyboard APK

Description of Musa Remote keyboard APK

For more information on the Musa Alphabet, visit

The Musa Remote keyboard is the easiest way to enter Musa text into your computer.

It uses your mobile phone as a keyboard: each letter is sent to a small “agent” program running on
your computer. The agent is available for Windows, Linux and (soon) Mac.Both the computer
and the phone need access to the same WiFi network.

The keyboard is a standard Musa “virtual” keyboard. Each letter requires two keys: the first
selects the top of the letter; the second selects from among the letters with that top. The
keyboard includes letters, punctuation and numbers. You will need to have a Musa font installed
on your computer to see the letters, but you don’t have to install one on your phone.

The Musa letters you type go directly into whatever program you’re using: a word processor, an
email program, a website, whatever – just as if they’d been typed on your hardware keyboard.

While it is connected, you may continue to use your hardware keyboard to enter non-Musa text,
and of course your mouse continues to function.

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