Mystery Wheel Challenge APK


Mystery Wheel Challenge APK

Version: 1.0.10 code 10

Developer: TITANWARE

Released: 2018-10-31

Updated: 2020-02-19

Mystery Wheel Challenge APK Mystery Wheel Challenge APK Mystery Wheel Challenge APK Mystery Wheel Challenge APK Mystery Wheel Challenge APK

Description of Mystery Wheel Challenge APK

Make your own wheel and spin it as many times as you want !

Our concept is

Create, Define, Spin

⭐ Create as many wheels as you want

There is not limitation in the number of wheels, create as many as you want and use them whenever you want and for free, this is a free game.

You can use the wheel generator to create automatically items.

I.e you create a wheel related to colors, press the generator to create automatically some suggested items.

Wheel Randomizer

Everytime you spin the wheel you will get a different result, if for example you choose slime and you get glue glitter. The next time you spin the wheel, you will get a different one.

Show all wheels

Don't worry, in case you don't want to create your own wheel we have it covered! Use our predefined set of wheels. Use the latest slime wheel or maybe you like dances games? Ok then use fornite dances option

Wheel Simulator

Our roulette has been programmed accordingly to get the better experience possible, making it as real as possible, you will see how smooth it is !

Funny mode

Choose All wheels and select whatever funny games you want, we have made a great selection of topics. Moreover, for more mature people this is a perfect to play with your colleagues or maybe with your partner ;) do you dare or not?

Mystery wheel challenge

Are you a youtuber and want to create a video playing this game? don't ask! you are free to use this game for your videos. Create now your own mystery wheel of slime challenge. We are supporting the youtubers life, sis vs bro made a lot of videos playing the mystery wheel of slime.

Battle royale drop off

You can use the wheels to decide where you will drop off in fortnight or maybe you want to decide which weapon or which skin you will use? Pick your best emotes with the wheel ! You can use it also for the vbucks challenge !

🤣 Have fun with your friends !

Among the wheel games we are sure this one will make the difference, try it now with your friends and start laughing , this is one those laughing games that you want forever in your self-phone and remember that if you laugh you lose so try not to laugh !

In this roulette game you can create your own customized mystery wheel and play the latest challenge with your friends. Are you prepared to have a lot of fun playing with the mystery wheel of slime or the mystery wheel of fornite dances among others?

This game is in early steps, we do appreciate if you can communicate with us in case of finding any bug.

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