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Released: 2019-07-02

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Discover the mystery of Nonogram! Solve the logic number puzzles with simple rules and challenging solutions to uncover the picture! Choose your difficulty level, and exercise your logic! Start playing our picture cross puzzle at an easy level, and become a real Nonogram master!

Nonograms are addictive brain games that combine logic with pixel art. Reveal hidden images on the board based on the numbers lined up in both directions! To solve the Nonogram puzzles, follow the clues that will help you color the squares to complete the line and choose which of them have to stay empty. If you fill in all the right squares in this pic cross puzzle, you will uncover a lovely pixel art picture! This is the main point of the nonogram quiz.

Nonograms are also well-known as griddlers, hanjie, picross, pictocross or kakuro. These are classic Japanese crosswords with hidden pictures. Those who have ever heard about them usually know the rules.

Griddlers will help you to have a good time no matter wherever you are! A popular, classic game with simple rules, griddlers are suitable for almost everyone. Pass the time solving these entertaining picture crosswords, relax after a hard day or even start your morning with a griddler puzzle. Perhaps solving nonogram puzzles will turn into a good habit over time.

Are you ready for a relaxing way to clear your mind and complete the free Nonogram Puzzle? Take the challenge, and train your brain NOW! This entertaining mind game will bring you hours of fun!

Start with the basic rules and logic behind the Picture cross puzzle.

- Choose the piccross game difficulty level that is best for you.
- Play easy and medium nanogram puzzles just for brain-training and fun, or choose hard nonogram game to improve your skills!
- Color the squares and reveal the hidden picture. - Nonogram logic puzzle page consists of a clever grid of squares to be filled in which eventually reveal a hidden image.
- Use clues and numbers in the pixel logic puzzles to uncover the hidden image. - The clues are the numbers that tell you the runs of colored squares in that row or column.
- If you have figured out that the square should not be colored, mark it with an X. - Use logical thinking and add crosses to all the rows and columns of the playing field. Eventually, you will have a completed picture crossword.
- Get extra lives if you’ve made a mistake in a logic picture crossword.
- Easy to learn and quite addictive once you start playing this cross number game!
- Complete Daily Challenges for a given month and get unique trophies!

If you like to solve classic logic puzzles such as kakuro, you will love our Nonogram puzzles. Discover tons of picture cross puzzles from different categories and made for many tastes. Enjoy logic grid puzzles now! The hanjie game starts easy but becomes challenging fast!

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