Otters Soccer like pinball APK


Otters Soccer like pinball APK

Version: 4.0.2 code 4000200

Developer: マイティークラフト

Released: 2021-06-03

Updated: 2022-06-21

Otters Soccer like pinball APK Otters Soccer like pinball APK Otters Soccer like pinball APK Otters Soccer like pinball APK Otters Soccer like pinball APK Otters Soccer like pinball APK Otters Soccer like pinball APK Otters Soccer like pinball APK Otters Soccer like pinball APK

The description of Otters Soccer like pinball APK

Let's play a soccer game like pinball with otters!

⚽ Game introduction ⚽
It's a soccer game like pinball.
Hit the pink ball against a windmill-like bumper on the field or pass four otters in a specific location while aiming for the goal below.
The number of balls that can be used is 6, and the target score is 3 or more. Let's decide the shot while moving the bumper and otter well.

🍭 Gimmick 🍭
In front of the goal is a keeper otter that moves from side to side. Make a shot so that you don't get in the way.
It is a mistake if the ball goes to a scoring goal or a place with nothing but a wall. If there are still balls left, the otter will bring you a new ball from the top.
An otter with a ball can pass or shoot, but be aware that the angle and orientation of the otter is fixed.
Bumpers that look like windmills will repel irregularly when hit by a ball, so make good use of them.
The number of balls remaining and the number of points scored are listed at the top of the screen.

🦦 Story 🦦
This is a world with candy and starch syrup as a motif. Otters started playing soccer somewhere in the world at the water's edge.
However, otters are soaked in the water like starch syrup and cannot use their feet, so they temporarily attach the ball to their face to pass or shoot. In addition, there is an elastic candy on the water's edge, which can also repel the ball, so it looks like a pinball when viewed from a distance. By the way, the reason why the ball sticks to the face is that this ball is not just a ball but a big candy ball, so it will stick to it.
A very strange otter soccer game has begun in a mysterious world. What will the result be?

It's a free game so you can play with confidence!

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