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Palmistry APK

Version: 1.2.0 code 16

Developer: Star Party

Released: 2020-03-10

Updated: 2020-05-08

Palmistry APK Palmistry APK Palmistry APK Palmistry APK Palmistry APK

Description of Palmistry APK

Palmistry is to judge and analyze the overall development and direction of life according to the length, thickness of fingers, the shape, color and pattern of palm. Palmprint is unique for everyone. Palmistry app takes photos of palms, uses artificial intelligence analysis to identify fingers and palm information, depicts palmprint lines such as life line , emotion line , intelligence line , career line , etc., carries out professional analysis combined with modern algorithms, and provides detailed reports.

Palmistry app is a basic concept of palmistry compiled by 5 AI engineers and 3 palmistry teachers. It uses deep neural network and development languages. AI learns nearly 5 million real palm sample image data with 120 positioning points. Through palmistry recognition, AI data is measured, matching the concept of palmistry, and an analysis report is obtained.

After entering the app, it is very simple to get personalized palm report.
1. Take photos of palm area as required.
2. We will mark the recognized fingers and palmprint on your palm photo.
3. Get personalized palm reports.

Different palmprint controls different areas:
Life line controls the energy, health and overall quality of life of the body.
Emotional line, controls motional life, partner's situation and marriage outcome.
Wisdom line, controls the whole personality thinking, character, etc.
Business line, controls business development and wealth accumulation.

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