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Pepapp - Period, PMS, Ovulation Tracker APK

Version: 3.4.1 code 210

Developer: Pepapp Teknoloji Anonim Şirketi

Released: 2016-04-26

Updated: 2019-08-01

Pepapp - Period, PMS, Ovulation Tracker APK Pepapp - Period, PMS, Ovulation Tracker APK Pepapp - Period, PMS, Ovulation Tracker APK Pepapp - Period, PMS, Ovulation Tracker APK Pepapp - Period, PMS, Ovulation Tracker APK Pepapp - Period, PMS, Ovulation Tracker APK Pepapp - Period, PMS, Ovulation Tracker APK Pepapp - Period, PMS, Ovulation Tracker APK Pepapp - Period, PMS, Ovulation Tracker APK Pepapp - Period, PMS, Ovulation Tracker APK Pepapp - Period, PMS, Ovulation Tracker APK Pepapp - Period, PMS, Ovulation Tracker APK

Description of Pepapp - Period, PMS, Ovulation Tracker APK

Pepapp tracks menstruation periods, gives information about ovulation periods, cheers you with entertaining recommendations. This menstruation period calendar which you will use by creating your personal identity helps you take precaution by informing that your menstruation period is approaching. Moreover; it backs up your all data and regularly informs you about your menstruation period.

Friendly application!

Pepapp shoulders the duty of being an assistant of the women by indicating ovulation dates, menstruation periods and high possibility of becoming pregnant. Having a simple usage, Pepapp makes the women smile with its entertaining notifications in such difficult periods. It also aims at becoming an indispensable friend for the women.

Now, you have a friend that thinks about you in your menstruation and ovulation days!

* It gives different and entertaining recommendations in menstruation periods.
* It tracks menstrual cycle and informs you.
* It directs you through its homepage and menstruation calendar if you want to become pregnant.
* It sends you notifications in menstruation periods, fertility periods and ovulation periods.
* It provides such opportunities as tracking vaginal discharge level and sexual intercourse, adding symptoms, taking Daily notes and encrypting. It’s very easy to use as you wish.
* It always records and maintains everything so as not to be lost.
* You can easily access it though your Google and Facebook account.

Shortly, it thinks everything on behalf of you. Just experience your menstruation period comfortably.

Between friends!

We would like to get feedback from Pepapp users. You can send your questions and recommendations to [email protected] Best wishes, Pepapp Team.

Let’s reinforce our friendship!

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Legal Warning: This application estimates the following menstruation period by depending on the average dates and by calculating the cycle average of 3 months in accordance with the information you enter into it. So, there may be a margin of error in menstruation periods and ovulation days. It’s recommended not to use it as a prevention method against unplanned pregnancy.

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