Similar to "PullTest"

Touchscreen Repair


Touchscreen Repair APK

The touchscreen of any device deteriorates with use. As a result you experience touch lags and sometimes your touchscreen..

Partial Screen


Partial Screen APK

If you have a broken, damaged or defective display where appear all kinds of accidental, random, arbitrary, self, ghost .....

Sensors Toolbox


Sensors Toolbox APK

Sensors toolbox is the absolute all-in-one diagnostic tool that lets you know virtually everything about your mobile device..

Smart Luxmeter


Smart Luxmeter APK

Smart Lux meter is a tool in extended set of the Smart Tools® collection.This Light Meter measures the ambient brightness..

Fluke Connect


Fluke Connect APK

Fluke Connect™ is a software tool designed to digitally collect, store and view measurements from Fluke wireless test..



UbikiTouch APK

UbikiTouch allow you to improve all your applications by swiping the edges of your screen. What can UbikiTouch do for..

Physics Toolbox Accelerometer


Physics Toolbox Accelerometer APK

This accelerometer sensor app measures and displays multiple forms of kinematics (motion) data, including the g-Force Meter,..




The iNVH app is a unique application developed by Robert Bosch Engineers, to overcome one of the challenges of field..



WheelLog APK

This app allows you to see details of your electric unicycle, log them to file, and display data on a..



SensorPush APK

SensorPush is the easiest way to monitor the environmental conditions affecting the things you care about. Quickly pair the..

Accelerometer Meter


Accelerometer Meter APK

View or log output from your accelerometer sensor. The app has six screens to choose from:Meter This show the output from..

Smart Sensor Platform


Smart Sensor Platform APK

ABB Ability Smart Sensor - the easy way to track the health and performance of your rotating machines: motors, bearings and..

Sensor Charts


Sensor Charts APK

Sensor Charts is a powerful tool able to record automatically in background all sensors data and render it at your command..

Pointer Manager


Pointer Manager APK

Pointer Manager allows fleet managers to track and locate vehicles, see vehicles on dynamic maps, manage alerts, and monitor..

EconTool for Nissan ELM327


EconTool for Nissan ELM327 APK

Currently, the program is able to work with a gasoline Nissans engines via two Nissan protocols (Nissan Consult-1 and Nissan..

Square InPic - Photo Editor & Collage Maker


Square InPic - Photo Editor & Collage Maker APK

Square InPic is a powerful, but still very easy to use photo editor and collage photo maker. Create amazing high quality..

Monefy - Budget Manager and Expense Tracker app


Monefy - Budget Manager and Expense Tracker app APK

How do you manage your budget and watch every dollar? With Monefy, your financial organizer and finance tracker, it’s..

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