Res Militaria Rome APK


Res Militaria Rome APK

Version: 1.22 code 122

Developer: Vpiro

Released: 2019-10-26

Updated: 2022-08-02

Res Militaria Rome APK Res Militaria Rome APK Res Militaria Rome APK Res Militaria Rome APK Res Militaria Rome APK

The description of Res Militaria Rome APK

Res Militaria is a cross-platform turn-based strategy game.
Inspired by classic chess game and traditional war board game, it proposes a wargame experience in a real historical context keeping low game complexity and time to learn. Try first the tutorial scenario to learn the basics.

It is based on Historia Battles series, has the same turn based mechanic and has been improved with most user requested features, having a more charming and modern user interface. Historia Battles wargame has been fully rewritten using Godot and blender for unit graphic and animations.

The app uses Admob banners and ad video during the game, to reduce user experience impact watch the reward video up to the end.
The app collects some usage statistics, the user can disable this behaviour in the settings screen.

The reproduced battles are (*):
- 508 B.C. Porsenna siege of Rome (Romans VS Etruscans)
- 390 B.C. Allia Battle (Romans VS Celtics)
- 218 B.C. Hannibal Ticinus Battle - (Romans VS Carthaginians)
- 218 B.C. Hannibal Trebia Battle - (Romans VS Carthaginians)
- 217 B.C. Hannibal Trasimene Battle - (Romans VS Carthaginians)
- 216 B.C. Hannibal Cannae Battle - (Romans VS Carthaginians)
- 202 B.C. Hannibal Zama Battle - (Romans VS Carthaginians)
- 58 B.C. Caesar Bibracte Battle (Romans VS Celtics)
- 57 B.C. Caesar Sabis Battle (Romans VS Celtics)
- 52 B.C. Caesar Gergovia Battle (Romans VS Celtics)
- 52 B.C. Caesar Alesia Battle (Romans VS Celtics)
- 9 A.D. Arminius Teutoburg Forest (Romans VS Germans)
- 16 A.D. Arminius Idistavisus Battle (Romans VS Germans)

* Only FULL version of the game has all battles unlocked
* Only FULL version of the game does not show ad banner and video

Desktop version of the game is available on:

Game Features:
- Play against AI
- Play hot seat mode
- Play Local Area Network mode
- Animated Sprites \ Military APP-6A standard view
- Save\Load game
- Leaderboard

Rules of the game:
Game victory condition: all enemy units are killed or enemy home location has been conquered.
During the attack the damage is calculated as a diff of attack points (attacker) and defend points (attacked).
Ground cell characteristics could influences attack, defend points and range fire distance (for firing units).
The unit attacked from side or back is damaged considering zero defend points.
The attacked unit can not move in the same turn (it has no move points).
Unit severely wounded causes panic damage to near ones.
Unit that kills other unit increases experience,attack and defend points, and all lost life points are recovered.

Additional information

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Rated for 16+
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