Sensorify APK


Sensorify APK

Version: 1.1.1 code 32

Developer: zAlweNy26

Released: 2020-02-25

Updated: 2022-01-14

Sensorify APK Sensorify APK Sensorify APK Sensorify APK Sensorify APK Sensorify APK

The description about Sensorify APK

Sensorify is an application that allows you to take advantage of all the sensors present in the device in which it is installed, allowing you to take measurements for what you need quickly and easily !
You can also know the information regarding the connection, hardware and software of the device !

Sensors list :

• LINEAR ACCELERATION : Linear acceleration is a vector quantity that represents the variation of speed in the unit of time.

• ACCELEROMETER : An accelerometer is a measuring instrument capable of detecting and measuring acceleration.

• TEMPERATURE : Page dedicated to information relating to the temperature in the environment surrounding the device in use.

• HUMIDITY : Page dedicated to information relating to the humidity in the environment surrounding the device in use.

• BAROMETER : A barometer is a scientific instrument that is used to measure the air pressure in a given environment.

• SOUND LEVEL METER : The sound level meter is a meter of the sound pressure level, that is the amplitude of the pressure wave, or sound wave.

• BATTERY : Page dedicated to information relating to the battery status of your device in use.

• COMPASS : A compass is a tool used for navigation and orientation that shows the direction relative to the cardinal geographical directions.

• CONNECTION : Page dedicated to information regarding the Wi-Fi and mobile connection of the device in use.

• GYROSCOPE : A gyroscope is a device used to measure or maintain orientation and angular velocity.

• GPS : Page dedicated to information regarding the coordinates detected by the GPS signal of the device in use.

• GRAVITY : The gravity sensor provides a three-dimensional vector indicating the direction and extent of gravity.

• LIGHT SENSOR : An ambient light sensor is a photodetector that is used to detect the amount of ambient light present and appropriately darken the screen of the device to adapt it.

• MAGNET : A magnetometer is a device that measures magnetism: the direction, force or relative change of a magnetic field in a particular position.

• PEDOMETER : A pedometer is a device that counts each step taken by a person by detecting the movement of the person's hands or hips.

• PROXIMITY : A proximity sensor is a sensor capable of detecting the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact.

• ROTATION : The rotation vector detects the orientation of the device with respect to the coordinate system of the Earth as a quaternion unit.

• SYSTEM : Page dedicated to information regarding the software and hardware parts of the device in use.

• PULSATION : By placing your finger in the right place and using the camera and the flash, it allows you to calculate your heartbeat.

For any doubt or suggestion, do not hesitate to contact the developer by email !

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