Sensors Z APK


Sensors Z APK

Version: 3.0.6 code 35

Developer: Master Technologis

Released: 2018-06-17

Updated: 2022-06-23

Sensors Z APK Sensors Z APK Sensors Z APK Sensors Z APK Sensors Z APK Sensors Z APK Sensors Z APK Sensors Z APK Sensors Z APK

The description of Sensors Z APK

Sensors Z is the application that gives you the power of elaborating the available hardware sensor in you phone along with graphical representation of value with the characteristics of the sensor.

Sensors Z helps you finding the capacity of the hardware sensor available in your phone.
Sensors Z shows the power consumption capacity of every sensor.
Sensors Z tells you about the operating frequency.

EMF Radiation: Its radiation generated by Electro magnet, any device which internally uses magnetic coils or similar circuit, When current passes from that magnetic field generates,
Continuous exposure of these radiations is harmful for human body and brain.

🌞 Light illuminance: Intensity of light near you and enter your eye pupils. Intensity is measured in units like lux.

💫 Cell Tower Radiation(SAR): RF waves from cell tower near by is generated are cause of such kind of radiations.

Acceleration: Accelerations the force applied in 3 dimensions(X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis) can be checked with this.

Linear Acceleration: Linear Accelerations applied in 3 dimensions(X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis) can be checked with this.

〰 Sensors Meter Z can be used for Device testing.

💡 It helps in finding out proper lighting in your surroundings.

✨ It helps you finding light level in digital format, Too low or too high intensity of light is not safe for eyes that you can easily check by using this application now.

✴It helps to check strength level of radiation fields.

❇ Help you to check magnetic flux near circuits.

✅ Help you to check cell tower radiations.

⛅ Helps you determine light type.

Note: Readings can vary, Its Magnetometer Sensor dependent different devices can have different quality of magnetometer.

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Thanks and have a great day 😇.

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