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Sentence APK

Version: 1.248.511 code 1248511

Developer: Guts United

Released: 2019-05-10

Updated: 2020-01-11

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Description of Sentence APK

A new psychological thriller from the creators of I Am Innocent.

In a small town, young girls are being kidnapped and murdered one by one. The police have arrested Henry Thompson, a former cop. Could he be the killer?

Choose your messages carefully, maintain balance when friends and loved ones fight, hack into databases, eavesdrop on other characters, and analyze clues to have the chance to catch a serial killer.

Complicated relationships between characters, memories from the past, conflicts between morals and emotions, and challenging themes make this game something more than just another detective thriller.

Key Features:

- Wiretaps on other characters, group chats, calls, photos, and videos blur the lines between game and reality.
- Hours and hours of gameplay.
- Complex characters who struggle with the skeletons in their closets.
- The actions you take will decide whether you catch the killer or let them go.
- And most importantly: don't trust anyone!

Additional information

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Guts United
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82.602.961 bytes
Android 5.0+
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Rated for 12+

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