The Luck: Norse Runic Magic APK


The Luck: Norse Runic Magic APK

Version: 0.2.38 code 2038

Developer: Enlob Games

Released: 2021-11-12

Updated: 2022-01-21

The Luck: Norse Runic Magic APK The Luck: Norse Runic Magic APK The Luck: Norse Runic Magic APK The Luck: Norse Runic Magic APK The Luck: Norse Runic Magic APK The Luck: Norse Runic Magic APK The Luck: Norse Runic Magic APK The Luck: Norse Runic Magic APK The Luck: Norse Runic Magic APK

The description about The Luck: Norse Runic Magic APK

Has it ever happened to you that you do everything right, but something always goes wrong? Perhaps you're just missing a little luck? Try runic magic! It's very simple. It will require a minimum of effort from you, and will give an amazing result!

Runic magic is simple and effective. You do not need to have special magical skills, it is enough to know the principles of runic magic and believe in what you are doing.

Runic stave is a specific combination of several Norse runes that has a directional effect. The task of the stave is to help the performer of the ritual in achieving his specific goal.

This application allows you to activate very quickly and easily by “Luck” stave. As long as it is active, luck will accompany you. Having activated stave, you can safely minimize the application, but for maximum effect, return once a day and extend its duration.

Stave \"Luck\" consists of the runes Kenaz, Fehu, Wujo. Each rune is responsible for one specific area.
Rune Kenaz - allows you to self-actualize.
Rune Fehu is attracted to your life by material well-being.
Rune Wunjo - promotes the fulfillment of desires and gives the joy of receiving them.

In the process of activating the stave, think about your goal. Start with simple and general goals (for example: lucky week). This way you will learn to concentrate on the task, record the process of success, and notice the positive changes around you. Over time, you can move on to more specific goals (successful exam questions, successful club acquaintance, successful interview, successful contract).

Stave gains its strength over time. In the first days, notice even the smallest successful events, and when extending the duration of the stave, thank them (for example: you got a discount in the store, showed your favorite movie on TV, heard good news, received an unexpected gift). By doing this, you give the stave a positive energy and its effect becomes stronger every day. Try not to interrupt the action of the stave and prolong it every day. In a couple of weeks, you will be surprised how much fate favors you!

Why does it work in the app?
Ralph Blum, American New Age runologist wrotes: \"... an Oracle always resonates to the requirements of the time in which it is consulted.\" In the Stone Ages, runes were scratched on wood and stone, and it worked. In the Iron Age, runes were cut on swords and it worked. With the discovery of paper, it is written on paper, and it works. It makes no difference where to write the runes. Runes are just a way to focus your energy, metal, paper, and your smartphone will equally cope with this. Moreover, a smartphone is one of the most personal, intimate things in the modern world. It is with us around the clock, we spend more time with it than with any other thing. It is saturated with our energy through and through. Better things for drawing runes you can not think of.

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