Tropical Fruit Slicer APK


Tropical Fruit Slicer APK

Version: 1.2 code 5

Developer: MASON GAMES

Released: 2021-09-10

Updated: 2021-09-17

Tropical Fruit Slicer APK Tropical Fruit Slicer APK Tropical Fruit Slicer APK Tropical Fruit Slicer APK Tropical Fruit Slicer APK Tropical Fruit Slicer APK Tropical Fruit Slicer APK

Description of Tropical Fruit Slicer APK

Slice and dice falling exotic fruits by aiming the knife at the falling fruits. Learn the way of the blade as you cut falling fruits from the sky!

🍎 Fruit hits the hand? Game over!
🍌 Did not slice all the fruits in a level? Try again!
🍉 Used up all of your knives? Back to the line!
🍒 Spent a lot of time completing a level? Slice faster!

Tropical Fruit Slicer is an arcade game that features slicing falling fruits. Use the knife and aim at the falling fruits to earn coins. Cut all the fruits on the screen and get on to the next level.

Here’s where things get extra juicy. If you miss your target, you must avoid the falling fruit at all cost. If it hits the hand holding the cutting tool, then it’s game over! Avoid the fruits that are coming right at your hand by scrolling left or right and try cutting them up again.

It wouldn’t be an exciting arcade game if there’s no extra challenges. You'll only have a limited amount of knives on every level. You can check the total number of knives you have at the bottom right of the screen and plan ahead. You’ll also have a limited amount of time to complete the level. The fruits can only bounce so much before they come to a rest. So cut them up before they stop bouncing!

The game is not over even after you have chopped and diced the fruit the first time. Every time you successfully slice it, it splits into two smaller fruits that will start moving in an erratic motion to throw you off your game. Plan your knife throws ahead and launch them precisely, slicing the fruits into oblivion. Remember to dodge the incoming fruits while you do it!

You’ll quickly notice that there aren’t any oranges and apples or any of the other mainstream fruits in the game. What you’re going to find is a bunch of exotic looking fruits that you’ve probably never seen. The game features fruits that are native to Asia and popular in that region. You can learn more about them on our Facebook page. We’ll be adding more Asian fruits to the game soon!

Game Features

Challenging Gameplay 💥💣- A mix of game mechanics to keep the game challenging and exciting. Learn the mechanics of every level and plan your slices. Slice all the fruits in a level and remember the challenge constraints of each level.

Exotic Fruits 🍑🍐- Discover exotic Asian fruits that you have probably only heard of in passing. Learn more about the fruits on our Facebook page album. We’ll be adding more exotic fruits to the mix soon!

Unlock New Cutting Tools 🔪📏 - Unlock new cutting tools originating from Asia. From ancient swords to machetes, unlock them all. More cool cutting and slicing tools will be introduced soon!

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