Similar to "Vision Enhancer - Magnifier with Stabilizing Zoom"

Magnifying Glass


Magnifying Glass APK

Magnifying GlassMagnifying Glass is an useful application which allows you to turn your phone into a Magnifier.Magnifying..

Magnifier + Flashlight


Magnifier + Flashlight APK

This is the best magnifying glass app in the Play Store - no doubt about it. Try it and see for yourself!The app uses your..

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight


Magnifying Glass + Flashlight APK

The Simplest, Easiest-to-Use Magnifying Glass in the App Store – Flashlight (LED Torch Light), Digital Magnifier,..

Magnifier - Magnifying Glass with flashlight


Magnifier - Magnifying Glass with flashlight APK

Having problem to read small prints? Look no further. With Magnifier you will see everything big and clear.Magnifier will..

Smart Magnifier


Smart Magnifier APK

Smart Magnifier is in the 5th set of the Smart Tools collection.This app turns your device into a magnifying glass with..

Magnifying Glass


Magnifying Glass APK

Magnifying Glass- Zoom: from 1x to 10x.- Flashlight: Use flashlight in dark places or during night.- Freeze: After freezing,..

Lookout - Assisted vision


Lookout - Assisted vision APK

Lookout uses computer vision to assist people with low vision or blindness get things done faster and more easily. Using..

Simple Magnifier


Simple Magnifier APK

Simple magnifier is the Simplest,Easiest to use.Download Simple magnifier and you will be albe to read even the tiniest..

Pocket Magnifier with LED


Pocket Magnifier with LED APK

Pocket Magnifier with LED light is an app that changes your device into a magnifying glass with a flashlight.Application..

Magnifier: magnifying glass


Magnifier: magnifying glass APK

Use your smartphone as a convenient magnifying glass.This app makes your smartphone a great magnifying glass in situations..

Magnifier Camera (Magnifying Glass + Camera)


Magnifier Camera (Magnifying Glass + Camera) APK

Please watch the teach video to know how to use it.Magnifier + Flashlight (best lighted magnifying glass app for free)Let..

MagnifierPlus: Magnifying Glass Plus Flashlight


MagnifierPlus: Magnifying Glass Plus Flashlight APK

Magnify the smallest detail and enlarge the finest print- MagnifierPlus enhances your phone's camera and flashlight to help..

Mirror - Light, Zoom, Selfie


Mirror - Light, Zoom, Selfie APK

You can use your phone as a convenient mirror anywhere.If it's in the dark, you can turn on the light.If you want to see..

Lens Cap - Disable Camera


Lens Cap - Disable Camera APK

NOTE: This app is not compatible with Android 11In Android 11, Google removed the ability to disable cameras using Device..

Magnifier & Microscope+ [Cozy]


Magnifier & Microscope+ [Cozy] APK

This app turns your phone into a functional and easy-to-use magnifier.Do not carry a magnifying glass anymore. =)★..

Magnifying glass / Telescope


Magnifying glass / Telescope APK

You can read small letters as a magnifying glass or reading glasses.Of course, you can observe flowers and insects as..

Bank Manager Cashier Simulator


Bank Manager Cashier Simulator APK

You’ve been hired as a bank manager & cashier in bank of America. Being an American citizen after completing you..

Ziggo Safe Online


Ziggo Safe Online APK

Let op: om gebruik te maken van Ziggo Safe Online, dient u eenmalig de dienst te activeren in Mijn Ziggo (bij “beheer je..

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