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WTF Detective APK

Version: 1.9.20 code 1009020

Developer: Absolutist Ltd

Released: 2018-12-26

Updated: 2020-02-13

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Description of WTF Detective APK

Did you know that you can start your career with FBI today? No joke. Detective skills would be a plus, but you'll gain them easily in this free online hidden object game.

1. Learn what it feels to be a secret agent
WTF is a special division with the Bureau. It’s entrusted with the most unusual criminal investigations. Believe it or not, once you are in, you won’t have a single chance to get bored. Consider yourself warned! By the way, would you prefer a pug or an owl to assist you?

2. Become a master detective
Start from the basics, which is a crime scene investigation. Prove your searching skills to test through highly detailed hidden object scenes. Find items by title or silhouette and don’t hesitate to spare a hint to succeed. Once you have collected hidden clues, it’s time to analyse evidence as you play fun mini games such as jigsaw puzzles and vault cracking. Oh, yeah, WTF methods have nothing to do with forensic science.

3. Solve extraordinary crimes
Every criminal case is unique. Unlike other free detective games, this whodunit HOG offers all sorts of offences. A murder mystery follows a political scandal, and an outrageous heist in a luxurious manor. What’s next? How about a UFO landing or a paranormal society intrigues?

4. Meet the most quirky individuals with the Bureau
How do you imagine a special agent to look like? Perhaps, typical white collar, some reserved profiler in a perfect suit? Or a badass cop to join a homicide squad? Sorry, not this time. If you are going to deal with paranormal files, you will need a psychic... or a psycho… Well, who cares! Superpowers come with a prize, but good-old Oz keep it rolling!

5. Complete secret missions across the globe
Challenge most sophisticated criminal minds in the world. High profile cases come along with greatests villains from the most wanted FBI blacklist. Oppose the heads of Chinese and Russian mafia, outsmart witty con artists and criminal masterminds. X-files may be locked up in secret archives, but Commander won’t let his best field agent eat dust. It means no vacation, literally! Even if you are lucky enough to land on a paradise island, keep in mind that death in paradise is a commonplace!

6. Get special privileges with every promotion
Earn achievements and meet goals to rank up from a Quantico recruit to the Head of bureau. Complete hidden object quests within the given time limit. Discover who is the killer and don’t let the culprit get away with murder. Did we mention you also get a monetary reward?

7. Make new friends and useful acquaintances
Federal Bureau of Investigation is a competitive place, but your achievements are always rewarded. Get bonuses for revisiting hidden object locations and participate in weekly tournaments as you play free online with friends. After all, in a dangerous investigation it’s always better to have someone watch your back!

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