Ylands APK


Ylands APK

Version: code 105974

Developer: Bohemia Interactive a.s.

Released: 2019-11-28

Updated: 2021-05-03

Ylands APK Ylands APK Ylands APK Ylands APK Ylands APK Ylands APK Ylands APK Ylands APK Ylands APK Ylands APK Ylands APK Ylands APK Ylands APK Ylands APK Ylands APK Ylands APK

Description of Ylands APK

Play dozens of player-created games*, on your own or with your friends. Explore unique and whimsical worlds with our free-to-play creativity toolbox. Join a community of creators and dreamers in our Creator Foundation release. Ylands mobile lets players experience selected games available on the Ylands workshop and serves as a gateway to the Ylands ecosystem, where they can create their own experiences with the desktop version.

• family-friendly - we welcome and invite everyone to experience the magic of Ylands
• unique visual style - you won't find anything similar to Ylands and the visuals will stay with you long after you've stopped playing
• a library of unique games - there is something new to play every day - from short mini-games to RPG epics
• a sandbox - build anything you can think of in the sandbox mode
• customisable avatar - dress to impress your friends with a huge range of customisation options
• developed for mobile - the handheld version of Ylands is designed from the ground-up to support and work on mobile devices
• intuitive controls - fine-tuned to touch interfaces
• play on your own or with friends - alone or with your friends - the games are shared between desktop and mobile versions, so you'll have access to worlds of content

We invite everyone who wish to experience the magic of creation and exploration to try Ylands. Let your creativity roam free with Ylands' powerful Editor and breathe life into your creations via our Visual Scripting tool (both available in the free-to-play desktop version).
Made by Bohemia Interactive
Ylands is made in the Unity 3D engine by Bohemia Interactive. You might also know us from the Arma series and DayZ. The Ylands team have been working on the game for a few years now – planting trees, coloring rainbows, teaching parrots to swear, explaining to the sharks, that they belong in the sea, not in the air and everything else that's needed to develop a great game.

'* editor available on the desktop version

Note: An internet connection is required to play this game.

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