Zombie City Master-Zombie Game APK


Zombie City Master-Zombie Game APK

Version: 0.9.2 code 84

Developer: Tilting Point

Released: 2020-12-10

Updated: 2022-07-16

Zombie City Master-Zombie Game APK Zombie City Master-Zombie Game APK Zombie City Master-Zombie Game APK Zombie City Master-Zombie Game APK Zombie City Master-Zombie Game APK Zombie City Master-Zombie Game APK Zombie City Master-Zombie Game APK Zombie City Master-Zombie Game APK Zombie City Master-Zombie Game APK Zombie City Master-Zombie Game APK Zombie City Master-Zombie Game APK Zombie City Master-Zombie Game APK Zombie City Master-Zombie Game APK Zombie City Master-Zombie Game APK Zombie City Master-Zombie Game APK

The description of Zombie City Master-Zombie Game APK

Welcome to Zombie City Master – one of the best idle zombie games out there. Forget about the annoying tower defense, zombie survival, zombie defense, zombie killing, zombie catcher and escape games – it’s time to start your own zombie apocalypse! Stay sharp humans, deads ahead!

In Zombie City Master, you get a chance to overtake locations with hordes of zombies hunting for humans. Unlike zombie defense games, this game lets you take on the role of a hunter and attack with your hordes the humans left alive. It’s not a zombie idle defend game, it’s a pure human hunting game. The only way you can take over every location is to let your zombies run and kill every single human being that tries to hide or fight back.


Zombie City Master is a zombie idle game that sets a simple, yet understandable continuity to provide you with hours of enjoyable zombie town gameplay. Unlike in defense games, you will have to attack those that try to defend.

The bigger the zombie horde, the smaller chances the humans have. It’s not that humans have to survive but the dead ahead zombies that should win the war.

Make humans either dead or either undead in this thrilling zombie game!

- Spawn zombies to create hordes tsunami and deliver base attack at the humans;
- Collect blood, brains, and bones from the eaten humans;
- Use the collected materials to make your zombies stronger and faster;
- Keep the track of time to finish each level before it runs out;
- Build a Bone Tank to control your bone collectors that you can hire in the Graveyard;
- Build the Cursed Graveyard to automatically spawn zombies when your energy is at its maximum and control their numbers in the Graveyard tab.


You are a zombie hunter in this idle zombie game, so you can get upgrades to improve your chances:

- Bloodthirst to increase zombie damage;
- Like Leather to increase zombie health;
- Cold Storage and Brain Cage to increase the number of maximum stored brains;
- Recycling Is Cools to increase the chances of recovering brains from humans;
- Your Soul Is Mine! to increase the chances of corpses turning into zombies;
- Energy Rush and Crown of Bones to increase generation of energy per second;
- Master Summoner and Bone Throne to increase your maximum energy;
- Primal Reflexes to increase zombie speed;
- Blood Harvest and Bone Reinforced Tank to increase maximum stored blood;
- Bone arrows to increase the bone collector capacity.

Additional information

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Package name
Tilting Point
File size
72.933.134 bytes
Android 5.0+
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Content rating
Rated for 12+
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