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ID: com.lyst.lyhjhc

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    Varies with device

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का वर्णन Airdrop

"Buy a new phone, change your phone no longer worry! One click to solve your problems of changing your phone, super practical cell phone one-click moving tool
No need to network, no need to connect to computer, get rid of the data cable, unlimited models, one key to get the data migration
Whether it's personal information in your address book, photos, videos, WeChat logs or other important data, you can migrate data from your old phone to your new phone with one click!
Only 3 steps to complete data migration
Step 1: Install the software on both old and new phones
Step 2: Old phone click on the old phone to send, select the data you need to transfer and click start sending
Step 3: The new phone click on the new phone to receive, scan the old phone QR code to establish a link, the transfer is completed in a few moments!

Auto-renewal product description
Renewal membership: 24 hours before your membership expires, the fee will be automatically deducted from the contracted account for you. After the success, the validity period will be automatically extended for a period of 7 days for continuous weekly products, 31 days for continuous monthly products, and continuous products for half a year. 183 days extension, 366 days extension for consecutive annual products.

Cancellation Instructions: To cancel the automatic renewal function, please cancel the subscription 24 hours before the current subscription period expires. Subscription fee will be charged if you do not cancel within 24 hours before expiration.

Cancellation process: Close the password-free renewal service in the signing application
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    Go Google Play com.lyst.lyhjhc
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    Android Varies with device+

Airdrop Varies with device APK के लिये Android Varies with device+

संस्करण Varies with device के लिये Android Varies with device+
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इंस्टॉल 50.000++
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