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The description of パチンコ店MAP・地図からホールを探せるパチンコアプリ

P-WORLD's pachinko parlor MAP is a smartphone app that allows you to easily find almost all pachinko and pachislot halls on a map.

[Features of Pachinko parlor MAP]

Pin the surrounding pachinko parlors around your current location on the MAP. You can see the nearby pachinko parlors at a glance.
You can also search by hall name, station name, or city group name. You can easily find the store you want to go to or the store you can go to.

More than 90% of pachinko and pachislot halls nationwide are recorded! You can check the information sent by the store in real time, such as the PR of new and increased units and the ball output data, as well as the installed models.
It also links to all pachinko and pachislot data held by P-WORLD. It is also possible to find a store that has the model you want to hit.

■ An example of pachinko machine information
・ Neon Genesis Evangelion-Roar to the future-
・ P Re: Life in a different world starting from zero Onikari ver.
・ PF Revolutionary Valvrave 2 Kamitsuki ver.
・ P A Certain Scientific Railgun
・ P Lupine III 2000 carat tears
・ Pyes! Takasu Clinic ~ Super Plastic Surgery BLACK ~
・ Pachinko Nogizaka46
・ P Fist of the North Star 8 Ultimate Rebellion
・ PF Revolutionary Valvrave 2 Light ver.
・ Pachinko Kinnikuman 3 Kinniku Star Throne Contest Edition Fireplace Gold
・ P Super Sea Story IN Okinawa 5
・ P Oumi Monogatari 4 Special
・ P carpenter's source
・ PA Super Umimonogatari IN Okinawa 5 with Eye Marine
・ PA Super Umimonogatari IN JAPAN2 with Taiko no Tatsujin
・ PA Oumi Monogatari 4 Special With Agnes Lum
・ P Shin Hana no Keiji 3
・ PA Sea Story 3R2
・ P Garo Tsuki Nijino Traveler
・ P Oumi Monogatari 4 Special BLACK
・ PF Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
・ PA Super Sea Story IN Mediterranean SBA
・ P Carpenter's Gen-san Super Hammerin'Harry LIGHT
・ P Hokuto no Ken 9 Fighting God
・ P Garo Tsuki Nijino Traveler Bond GIGA GHOST Ver.
・ P A Certain Scientific Railgun
・ P Shin Hokuto Musou Chapter 3
・ P Shin Hana no Keiji 2 Jet Black Impact EXTRA RUSH
・ A Certain Magical Index
・ P Super Umimonogatari IN JAPAN2 Kinfuji 199 version
・ P Super Sea Story IN Okinawa 2 SAHS
・ PF Senki Zessho Symphogear 2
・ PA Sea Story 3R2 Special

■ An example of pachislot machine information
・ SLOT Mappy
・ Pachislot Disc Up 2
・ Pachislot Aladdin A Classic
・ Oshinin! Bancho ZERO
・ I won't let you make excuses for pachislot by Mitsu Dan
・ Pachislot Drifters
・ Oki Doki! DUO
・ Irohani Aihime
・ My Juggler V
・ Oshinin! Bancho 3
・ I'm Juggler EX
・ SLOT Basilisk-Koga Ninpocho-Kizuna 2
・ Re: Life in a different world starting from zero
・ Funky Juggler 2
・ Oshinin! Salaryman Bancho 2
・ Oki Doki! 2-30
・ SLOT Movie version Magical Girl Madoka Magica [New] The story of rebellion
・ SLOT Movie version Magical Girl Madoka Magica [Part 1] Beginning Story / [Part 2] Eternal Story
・ New Hanabi
・ Oki Doki! DUO-30
・ Hana Hana Ho-Oh ~ Tensho ~ -30
・ Pachislot Hokuto no Ken Tensho
・ HEY! Mirror
・ Yoshimune 3
・ Pachislot Hokuto no Ken Fate
・ Premium Hana Hana-30
・ Pachislot Monkey Turn IV
・ Pachislot Symphony Psalm Eureka Seven 3 HI-EVOLUTION ZERO
・ Your Otto !?
・ Cibalyo-30
・ S Saint Seiya: Resurrection of Meiou
・ New Pulser SPIII

You can search for the installation store by model name. In addition, you can specify and narrow down the ball rental and medal rental corners of that model, so "I want to hit" Neon Genesis Evangelion-Roar to the Future- "with one pachinko machine!" I want to play! "
From the features, it is also possible to narrow down the stores that have a heated cigarette play area, the stores that disclose information on the balls, and the stores that have new coronavirus countermeasures. In the MAP after narrowing down, only the corresponding holes are displayed with colored pins.

■ Ball rental and medal rental fees
・ 0.5 pachinko: 0 to less than 1 yen
・ 1 pachinko: less than 1-2 yen
・ 2 pachinko: less than 2 to 3 yen
・ 4 pachinko: 3 yen ~
・ 2 slots: 0 to less than 5 yen
・ 5 slots: less than 5-10 yen
・ 10 slots: less than 10 to 15 yen
・ 20 slots: 15 yen ~

■ Features
・ Heat-not-burn OK: Heat-not-burn tobacco installation store
・ Smoking room: Store with indoor smoking room
・ Outdoor: Store with outdoor smoking space
・ Totally non-smoking: Totally non-smoking shop
・ Ball-out information: Ball-out information disclosure store
・ Email delivery: Email delivery store
・ Wi-Fi: Stores with Wi-Fi
・ Charger: Store with mobile charger
・ Corona measures: New corona virus measures store
・ Self-assessment: Self-assessment program, family declaration program implementation store
・ Disaster response: Disaster response store

By following your favorite stores and areas you often see, you can receive notifications from stores with PUSH notifications.
You can check past notifications from "Notifications" on the tab.

It can also be started from the smartphone portal site "P-WORLD". Tap "Search from map app" on the top page or prefecture page to launch this app.
It is also possible to open the smartphone portal site "P-WORLD" from this application. When you tap "Open the WEB version of this page" in the basic information of the store page, the browser will be launched and you can see the information of the store on the smartphone portal site "P-WORLD".

On the store page, "basic information" such as store name, store exterior photo, address, business hours, game fee, parking lot, in-store environment, smoking information, safety measures (new coronavirus measures, self-reporting program implementation), number of installed machines In addition, "latest information" where new stores and videos are posted, "installed model information" which displays the model name and number of installed pachinko / pachislot machines, game data for each machine (big hit, special prize information, slump) You can see "ball output information" where you can see graphs, jackpot history and other machine data), and "service" where you can see greetings from the hall and explanations about the equipment.

Tap the "Access" pin icon in the basic information on the store page to launch the map app on your device. You can see the route to that hole.

With "Share" in the basic information on the store page, you can share and send the store information by email, LINE, and Twitter. Tap each icon to launch the corresponding app.

In the basic information on the store page, "We always have stockpiles," "Open parking lots free of charge in the event of a disaster," "We have a disaster prevention agreement with the community," and "We have an AED." The "Disaster Response" icon is displayed.
Basic information on the store page can be viewed even when there is no data communication, so even in situations where data communication is unstable such as in the event of a disaster, stores that have stocks or stores that open parking lots for free are available. You can look for it.
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